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Coconut palms, turquoise waters, lobsters ...

In 4 days and 3 nights, a relaxed stage, addressed to Leisure


Day 1

Transfer to the airport in Managua.

Plane to Big Corn Island.

Small taxi to the port (2 km) and boat (30 to 40 min depending on sea conditions) to Little Corn Island

Night in Little Corn Island in a 2-star hotel, on the shore!

Day 2

A quiet day ... Palm trees, sandy beach, and a chance of diving or snorkeling.

Night at the hotel.

Day 3

Another quiet day to the rhythm of the Antilles.

Night at the hotel.

Day 4

Small panga taxi and return flight from Big Corn Island to Managua.

We leave you in Managua or Granada, to continue their journey.

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  • An independent stay, you can make it extend it according to your plans for relaxation or water activities like diving (2 diving clubs offer packages based on your diving skills starting at $50 or $150 for a group of 5 people).
  • La panga entre las 2 islas, es una experiencia preciosa... ¡reservada para los que no se marean!
  • The sea might make you play Robinson for an extra night so keep that in mind when booking your international trip back.


  • € 330 per person, for a group of 4 people: round trip (plane) from Managua to Big Corn Island operated by La Costeña. Private transfer to the airport from Granada, 3 nights in a 2-star hotel.
  • Nicaragua Descanso will take care of getting your tickets from La Costeña and assure you to find the best places in the island.


  • A night on Big Corn Island is well worth the trip!  The bigger island, not as intimate as Little Corn Island, and with 10,000 people living there is a great place for beautiful encounters. 


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