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Our Island El Roble

Nicaragua Descanso and our passion for the Granada islets!


The El Roble island is a private islet owned by Nicaragua Descanso since 2000, only 10 min from the Asese port in Granada. It has an area of 2000m2 and with 2 houses and a capacity for up to 12 people.


Everything, was built colonial style, respecting the rules and using local materials such as wood, wrought iron, palm, colonial tile...


  • Four bedrooms for two or three people with private bathroom - shower, toilet, washbasin.
  • Another bathroom with shower, toilet, washbasin.
  • Living room-kitchen equipped with kitchen gas refrigerator, and two sofas.
  • 60m² Ranch-Terrace - Four hammocks - A large terraced garden ... and even room for pétanque...
  • 10x8m swimming pool, right next to the terrace with direct view to the Mombacho volcano!
  • Great BBQ
  • Ship captained by Alfonso
  • Two available canoes
  • Books, music... 


  • Electricity (110 V) is produced by 5 solar panels, meaning a total autonomy!
  • The water from the lake is used to supply showers, toilets and sinks




An exceptional place to discover!




A small preview ?


Where are we?


  • Just like a hotel or a hostel ! But in any event, a reception as a "guest house"
  • Alfonso will greet and attend you; he is the steward and also the captain of our ship.
  • Yacquelin is in charge of the daily conditioning of El Roble, helped by Dailin.
  • Available: sheets, towels, soap, water, coffee, tea, ice, miscellaneous...


  • El Roble is leased "just for you"; the rate decreases if you come in groups and if you stay for several nights!
  • The 1st room: € 75, Next room: € 32, or € 27 a night per person for a group of 4.


  • Time stops in El Roble! All stays packages are possible. We have offers of 3 days / 2 nights, but you can make a perfect stay for a week!
  • Because of its proximity to Granada, you can easily make a round trip to the city during the day! The same goes for the Mombacho and Masaya volcanoes!
  • Therefore, activities and visits out of the island are very varied. Among the innovations: the fishing hawk, canoe paddling with one of our friends Emner or Francisco!


El Roble is a magical place surrounded by the lake, dominated by the Mombacho volcano, lost among the islets, we don't talk too much about it, we rather keep it as our secret!!!

A stop, a haven of peace, protected by the Mombacho and enlivened by the delicacies of the family of Francisco! Moreover, it appears, there is now a shower with hot water! What a treat!

Note: if you love to travel, if you love a change of air and adventure (with no risks), then go and discover Nicaragua and especially take the time to go through El Roble. It is simply GREAT! D.

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Alone on your island

3 days in a private island!

How would you like a stay in a little island occupied solely by you in the heart of the Granada islets? 



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