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Why we love Nicaragua

The people!

  • A particularly welcoming people. A safe destination.
  • "Fascinating" = is the most common word used by our visitors.
  • Colourful markets and vivid craftsmanship, notably in Masaya 

The colonial cities

  • Granada “The Great Sultana” y Leon, university city and a great atmosphere, founded in 1524 by the conquistadores, retain an important colonial heritage: churches, frescoes, patios, fountains.
  • Just walking around their colourful streets is a great pleasure.


  • Mombacho, Masaya, Momotombo, Cerro Negro, Concepción, Maderas, San Cristobal, Telica, Cosigüina... Something for everyone!
  • Accessible enough, not crowded at all and providing a beautiful sight from their surroundings...

The lakes and lagoons

  • 2 large lakes, Xolotlan and Cocibolca, the latter is a true inland sea!
  • The Apoyo lagoon
  • The Asososca lagoon between Leon and Managua, completely virgin.

The Pacific

  • Small quiet beaches and great waves swimming.
  • Between July and January, mass arrival of turtles and hatching of the little ones 40 days later.
  • Numerous fishing villages
  • And a new surf spot: still a secret, shhh...

The Caribbean

  • An hour and a half away by plane from Managua, in the Caribbean Sea, Big and Little Corn Island
  • Palm trees, golden beaches, Caribbean atmosphere... everything is ready for relaxation!
  • Just like a whole new "country", very different from the rest of Nicaragua.

The River

  • The mythical Rio San Juan and the Solentiname archipelago
  • A turbulent history of ​​pirates, buccaneers, and gold hunters.
  • Rich Flora and fauna: crocodiles, turtles, bird watching...


  • The 400 islets of Grenada (locals say there are 365, "an island a day...")
  • Ometepe, the largest island in the world in a lake, formed by two volcanoes joined by an isthmus. A whole world apart, calm, where people still live in harmony with their environment. A real change of scenery!

History and Politics

  • Pre-Columbian people, Spanish conquest, pirates and buccaneers, gold hunters, dictatorship, revolution, counterrevolution, return of calm...
  • The country has an agitated history recovered in many frescoes across the country!
  • It is now a republic.

Rural Life

  • A mountainous area around the cities of Matagalpa and Esteli
  • Culture of coffee, cocoa, vanilla, sesame, peanuts
  • Production of cigars and rum: Flor de Caña in Chichigalpa ...

Flora and Fauna

  • Variety of tropical forests
  • A universe of water
  • From the national bird, guardabarranco to the quetzal as well as at least 3 types of monkeys; iguanas, alligators, turtles, sloths...


  • Mainly small structures.
  • Discreet places, exceptional, sometimes unusual: coffee farms, cottage, El Roble...
  • Varied but all very classy!

Colours, aromas and tastes

  • In the coffee farms and nature reserves,
  • In the markets and cafes of the "central park"
  • Gallo pinto, mangoes, dragon fruit ...
  • Taste, feel, admire!

The atmosphere

  • In the morning, the lake is dominated by the tranquil nature. The only sound is that of fishermen and their oars...
  • During the mornings the markets are filled with sellers and buyers do their business with background music of merengue and reggaeton!
  • In the afternoon, settle in one of the central park terraces and try some fresh fruit juice, watch the kids going home from school, the journeys of street vendors
  • For your evening after dinning in the beautiful courtyards of the city, check out one of the bars for some Salsa dancing...

Escape to the north!

4 days in the mountains of the north!

A different Nicaragua, in the heart of the mountains and the coffee plantations...

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On the water!

6 days on the water...

A stay close to the water in natural and history-packed locations: Río san Juan, Solentiname, its a another region!

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Caribbean Backdrop

4 days in white sand beaches...

Turquoise waters, coconut milk, lobsters... a relaxing and leisure-oriented Caribbean groove!

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Bringing the family?

A country to travel around with your family!

Nicaragua is an adequate place to discover with your children. There are plenty of interesting locations, water, and the distance between them are generally short.

And it's a safe country!

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Discovery - 2 weeks

13 days, the country in 5 stops!

To have a good idea of the country and its true mixture of nature culture/entertainment. 

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Alone on your island

3 days in a private island!

How would you like a stay in a little island occupied solely by you in the heart of the Granada islets? 



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Prepare your stay!

Tell us your preferences and we will prepare your stay!

Feel free to tell us about your travelling habits, places you find interesting and expectations, we will help you combine them based on the locations, activities, budget and pace of your visit...

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