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Rio San Juan and Solentiname, a whole different world!

In 6 days and 5 nights, a stay on the water in very natural places full of history!

A mythical river, nature reserves, an archipelago, crocodiles, gold prospectors, your geostrategic challenge...

Day 1 - El Castillo
Travel to the airport. Fly to San Carlos and boat to El Castillo. Visit the beautiful town located on the riverbank. Night in a Hotel 2* very close to the San Juan River.

Day 2 - El Castillo / Bartola
Walk through El Castillo. Boat trip on the San Juan River to the Bartola refuge, located between the Indio Maíz reserve and the Bartola reserve. Night in the shelter 2*.

Day 3 - Bartola
Walk through the numerous forest trails with a specialized guide to observe the flora and fauna. Possibility to swim in the rivers and in the waterfalls. Night in the shelter 2.

Día 4 - Solentine / Los Guatuzos
Private boat to El Castillo and boat to San Carlos. Visit the Solentiname archipelago and the Zapotillo Island. Break in San Fernando. Visit a workshop of balsa artisans and primitive painters. First visit to the Los Guatuzos nature reserve. Night in a cabins in full nature reserve.

Day 5 - Los Guatuzos
Full day in the Los Guatuzos nature reserve. Observation of flora and fauna and kayak excursion. Night in the cabins.

Day 6 - Colón
Private boat to Colón.

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  • Ideal journey during the dry season (November-April), but also works during green season.
  • After the flight to San Carlos, at the mouth of the Rio San Juan, the ship is omnipresent! You must love to navigate
  • Considering the plane and ship fares and the diversity of the region we recommend this stay for 6 or 5 days. Flexible of course!


  • € 700 per person for a group of 4 people including: Managua - San Carlos roundtrip by plane operated by La Costeña company, private transfer from Granada to the airport, ferry tickets, all breakfasts, 9 meals, all private transfers except travel from San Carlos and El Castillo (local boat), all entrance fees. And a Nicaragua Descanso biologist guide throughout the whole trip!
  • € 520 for a group of 8 people.
  • Air travel can also be replaced by a bus or in public boat, cheaper but ... takes much longer!


  • It is also possible to sleep at Los Guatuzos reserve, in the heart of nature, surrounded by the marsh.
  • For those who love to navigate, an original alternative: trip back to Solentiname/Guatuzos by boat, across the south coast of the lake, all the way to Cardenas. It's an interesting alternative if you are heading to San Juan del Sur, for instance. 
  • Unique option flying by hydroplane from Granada!!!


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