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There is no lack of ideas!!!


Other themes for your stay

  • Stay ¡Coffee-Vanilla-Cigars-Sesame!
  • Cultural trip with lecturer guide with numerous subjects to discuss like pirates & buccaneers, the Spanish conquest, the Chorotegas, the Revolution...


Other regions

  • Pearl Lagoon and the Miskito Cays
  • Managua, the capital
  • The region surrounding the Cosigüina volcano and the Fonseca Gulf


Other sport activities

  • San Ramon waterfall in Ometepe (consider time and muscles!)
  • Beautiful waterfalls around Matagalpa
  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Sailing in San Juan del Sur
  • Fishing!
  • "Canopy tour", zip-line on the threes, guaranteed thrills 


And other more or less unique activities!

  • Night out for the "Noche de verbena" in Masaya
  • Masaya Volcano by night
  • Quetzals watching between Matagalpa and Jinotega
  • Turtle watching at La Flor Wildlife Reserve, south of San Juan, an amazing experience!
  • A trip by hydroplane!


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  • Very flexible!!!


  • As usual, our prices go down if the size of the group increases.


Let us know about the regions or activities of your interest, it will be our pleasure to prepare a trip proposal for you!


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Prepare your stay!

Tell us your preferences and we will prepare your stay!

Feel free to tell us about your travelling habits, places you find interesting and expectations, we will help you combine them based on the locations, activities, budget and pace of your visit...

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