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Did you know? The flag of Nicaragua

Adopted on 27 August 1971, the current flag of Nicaragua is a variation of the flag of the United Provinces of Central America.
It consists of three horizontal stripes, with the national emblem in the center. The two blue stripes represent the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea bordering the country, and the center white stripe represents purity of Nicaraguan territory.

The central coat is a triangle depicts the Spanish words REPUBLIC OF NICARAGUA and CENTRAL AMERICA above and below. In 1823, the name on the coat was United Provinces of Central America. The triangle is equilateral, representing equality. Inside you can see a rainbow as a sign of peace, a Phrygian cap symbolizing freedom, and a chain of five volcanoes between two oceans, representing the Union and fraternity among the original five Central American countries.

In 1908 Nicaragua decided to return to the emblems used by the United Provinces of Central America, showing its aspirations for the revival of the political entity formed by the 5 nations.

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